Have you ever Googled yourself?

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If you have Googled yourself, how did you feel afterwards? Did you feel good about the content that’s out there to define you for the world at large, or did you feel like you needed a cold shower?

If your online identity is less than desirable, you may want to go back through the websites which host the information you’d like to go unnoticed. If content exists that you did not post, you should contact the Webmaster and request that they pull it down. If you don’t get a response and you feel the issue is important enough to pursue, you can even contact a lawyer who will ask them to remove it, and believe us, an email from a lawyer is much more intimidating than one from John Doe in Utah.

If you find less-than impressive content that stems from a site over which you DO have control, check your privacy settings. You can make sure that only those who you know and trust have access to your most private posts, photos, notes, comments, etc. by simply changing a few options in your settings.

In the case that you’d like to add – rather than delete some content for the world to digest about you, consider creating a blog or contributing articles to news sites that indiscriminately allow you to post content. This way, people will learn about anything you care others to know about, from your political leanings (not advisable), to your cute kids (no one cares), to the goofy things your cat only does when no one’s around (find some friends).

No matter what you find when you Google yourself, it is important to know that you do have some control over the situation. If you find that others are posting nasty things about you online, this is an issue that has become very serious lately, and the law does not mess around when it comes to online bullying. Typically, in situations like this, all it takes is a click of the ‘report’ link, and in a day or so it’ll be removed.

NEVER be afraid to take matters into your own hands – search engines are used today to learn about anything and everything in our vast and confusing universe, so you want to be sure that what people learn about you online is the information you’d want to give them if you were to speak to them yourself.